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Our Process

We incorporate the same three-step process used by the medical profession.

In the diagnostic phase the doctor focuses on three areas: your past medical history, your current symptoms and your future objectives for your long-term well being. The doctor then takes the information and provides a prognosis. Only then does the doctor make targeted recommendations designed to take you on your unique medical journey.

1) Discovery

    • We look at your past financial history, current financial structure and future financial objectives for your long-term well-being.
    • Discuss and clarify what's important to you.
    • Identify your financial goals.
    • Take an inventory of your assets.
    • Take your "pulse" on risk and volatility.
    • Summarize how we can help you and how the process works.

2) Planning & Strategy 

    • Take all of the information, data and insight and thoroughly go through the details with a written plan of attack.
    • Address and discuss all of your goals in detail with solutions for any concerns.
    • Educate you on the impact of taxation, the significance of the types of accounts, and how to grow your investments tax efficiently.
    • Recommend each type of investment account to achieve your goals.
    • Establish the accounts and implement your custom retirement plan.

3) Recommendation & Review 

    • With the specific targeted recommendations designed to fulfill that plan we take you on your unique financial journey.
    • Our regular strategy review meetings are an important part of your financial success to ensure we're staying on course with accomplishing your goals.
    • Continuing education of your retirement plan, investment vehicles and tax strategies will be readdressed during our review meeting. We believe the more informed you are the better investor you will be.
    • During our review meeting we discuss any life changing events, update your financial picture with current values and time horizons. Finally, we make necessary adjustments to accommodate your current lifestyle and financial goals.